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Things to avoid!
If you are aware of the dressing mistakes that make women look larger than they are, not only will you be more elegant, but you will look slimmer as well. So try to avoid ;
  • tough looking, straight fabrics that do not flow
  • tight fit tops
  • extreme mini skirts
  • wide collars that dominate the upper body
  • gathered blouses
  • large patterns and horizontal stripes
  • wide leg patterns

Things to look for!
  • flowing, thin fabric blouses and skirts
  • lycra trousers
  • discrete floral patterns
  • low cut V necks that make the bosom seem thinner and the trunk seem longer
  • asymmetrical cuts that look elegant and modern
  • thin and vertical stripes
  • trousers with cuts that are rather tight on the hips
  • vertical seam and mid-calf dresses.

  • women with a thin upper body and large hips should avoid tight bodies as these will call attention to the wrong area.
  • trousers that are too loose or extremely tight fitting and with patterns that are too evident should not be worn. Tight designs accentuate the flaws. Loose fit designs on the other hand will make you seem larger than you really are.
  • light colours, such as white should not be used with contrasting colours.
  • a blouse that is long enough to cover your hipline will emphasize your skirt and improve your overall look.
  • in jackets, all lengths are allowed. Still, the length of the skirt or the cut of the trouser that is worn with the jacket is important. A long jacket will combine well with a mid-calf skirt while a straight cut trouser or asymmetrical side slit skirt will be more appropriate with a shorter one.
  • using lighter colours in blouses and jackets and darker ones in trousers and skirts makes an attractive blend.
  • for longer looking legs, mid-calf skirts should be chosen. A longer skirt will make your legs look longer and your trunk shorter and hence will provide a more balanced look.
  • natural fabrics, cotton and linen, from a health and comfort standpoint.

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