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The target of our Group is “to be one of the first five leading and vanguard brands guiding the word’s fashion in womenswear.”

The biggest power and the basic factor that will enable our Group to reach its target is the staff of Gmko Group. The policies and practices of our human resources are established in line with the target of our Group. To this end , the short and medium term business plans of Gemko Group plans have benn determined , and human resources who will enable Gemko Group to achieve its target and who have the following characteristics are employed in accordance with the job descriptions:
  • Having social responsibility , respectful to environment , committed to ethical values.
  • Learning all the time and working efficiently for reaching the target , taking pleasure in getting tired.
  • Working on the basis of knowledge , verifying the success with figues.
  • Recognising the idea that the current successes are the corner stones fort he final target of Gemko Group and attaching priority to the idea that what matters is to catch continous success and target.
  • Capable of being a player of a team , who is aware of fact that he/she is a component of a whole , namely an institution having a process management working in a strategic management.
  • Open to change in order to achieve the targeted success , able to use all knowledge and management tools efficiently.
  • Never forgetting the fact that knowledge belongs company , not to single persons , and accordingly preparing “The Corporate Knowledge”.

  • Focusing on a team spirit and solidarity with company successes,
  • Creatinevess and innovativeness,
  • Making a self-confident , dynamic , efficient productive , overqualified working team,
  • Keeping the motivation of our staff high,
  • Sensitivity to internal and external customer satisfaction,
  • Social senitivity , reliability and honesty,
  • Compliance with laws and regulations,

  • The best trend
  • The best quality
  • The best service
  • The best price permanent in our products

  • High quality
  • Special emphasis in details
  • Superior service
  • Friendship starting with sales
  • Continuous communication permanent in our stores.

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