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  • Do not dry to remove the stains on products ; consult with a specialist.
  • Dirty clothes should not be kept in closed places with no ventilation ; they must be kept at dry and well ventilated places until they are cleaned.
  • For washable products , first reverse , unbutton and close zipper if any before wash.
  • While washing sensitive products at washing machine , use wash bag , or if that is not available , wash them in pillow case.
  • Do not overload washing machine ; otherwise products won’t be well cleaned and they get faded , discolored and deformed in time.
  • Products must not be worn for long at rainy days and in very hot environments requiring much movement . 100% cotton or %100 linen fabrics might melt at very hot environments requiring much movement.
  • Products should be conditioned by hanging after each use. Do not fold them in a way to cause break of interlining and if possible they must be scored in their original cases.


  • Products must be dry and well ventilated before washing.
  • Products must be unbuttoned , pockets emptied and collars lifted.
  • During washing the suggested temperature apperaring on label must be adhered.
  • Selecting of a detergent of which properties (white or color products) fit to fabric and color of the product to be washed shall prolong product life.
  • Because , detergents with bleaching agent (like bleachers) wear fabric fiber , whitening agents must be preferred.
  • Centrifuging must be avoided if not recommended.


  • Printed and knitted clothes with varying colors must be hand-washed cold water.
  • Water temperature at hand-washing usually 30C degrees. Tap water temperature is good for hand-washing.
  • To avoid stains , detergent or soap must be properly dissolved in water before product is immersed.
  • Color fabrics release dye to water during the first few washes. Therefore washing alone shall give beter results.
  • Product must be well rinsed before squeezing.
  • Sensitive knitwear and wool products must be laid on towel before they are squeezed after washing. They must not be dried under direct sunlight or on radiators.


  • No chemicals must be use during dry cleaning unless it is specifically indicated in instructions for use.
  • The dry cleaner must be warmed that the interlining is 100% polyamide. If too much heat is applied , steam will cause melting and deforming ofinterlining , which will evetually cause wrinkless on the surface of interlining and deform cloth’s apperance.
  • Outwears must not be washed in water , they must be dry cleaned , only.


  • Products must be ironed at the recommended temperatures appearing on labels.Ironing at higher temperatures might cause deformations like shining , fading , wear.
  • Products must be ironed slightly humid and at reverse side , if recommended.
  • Products with “no ironing” caution on label must not be ironed.


  • Bleacher must be applied for maximum one hour using cold water (only for products to be bleached)
  • There must be no metal or leather accessories on the product to be bleached.

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